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Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and Implants

Where education, training & experience meet patient care.

Your Comfort and Safety Are #1

Let's face it, no one wants to have surgery, but when you do you want it to be done well in a safe and comfortable environment.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth ...

should be removed when the teeth are developing and no room for them to erupt is identified.  Many people wait too long to have the teeth removed puttiing them at risk for infection, damage to adjacent teeth or complications brought on by delayed removal.

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Implants Are Modern Technology...

Why suffer through tooth damaging crown and bridge placement?  Bridges sometimes require drilling perfectly healthy teeth to attach a false tooth.  We use Modern Dental Implant and X-Ray Imaging technology to help give you long-lasting esthetic and functional results.

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Dental Implant

Our Anesthesia Services...

are delivered with safety in mind.  Our offices have to meet astringent saftey inspection standards to allow our surgeons licensed in General Anesthesia to treat you safely and comfortably.

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Ask About Denture Stabilization

If you wear dentures you know how unstable they can be. Ask us about our denture stabilization package.

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We trained at prestigious Medical Centers and choose to live and work in Clarksville!

Patient Focused Care

Our efforts are centered on bringing you expert and safe care in a friendly environment.

Our Team

Our doctors and staff have devoted themselves to delivering the highest quality professional care that you have come to expect.  Our fully trained clinical staff work hard to make your experience a pleasant one.  We know you have other places you would rather be, but we want to make sure you are well cared for while you are with us. 

Our practice philosophy has always been "deliver modern, safe and honest care with excellence". We put our patients first each day promising you to treat you as we wish to be treated, this fulfilling the Golden Rule.

The Ellis & Lilly Team is comprised of 2 surgeons, 6 Registered Dental Assistants, 4 Business Staff with Insurance Expertise.  We will do our best to help you have the best clinical experience possible.  All of our staff is trained in infection control utilizing modern, well-maintained sterilized equipment.   Let us show you why we think we deliver care as good as you can get anywhere in the United States.  Whether you need wisdom teeth removal, tooth extraction or dental implants under sedation or general anesthesia, let us help you have a great experience.

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What Our Patients Say!

"I received care as good as I would have had at the Mayo Clinic..."

A patient from Erin, TN who once lived Rochester, MN

"Thank you and your staff for a pleasant patient experience..."

A recent surgical patient  

"I am really impressed with all the wonderful implant treatment that you do on our patients!"

A staff member from one of our referral offices

If we can't treat our patients right, then we should close our doors.

 - Dr.Ellis

We accept CareCredit.

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